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Massage Therapy FAQs

Massage Therapy Frequently Asked Questions From Your Queens, NY Chiropractor

Massage therapy offers a variety of health benefits and allows your body to heal naturally. At Dr. Lee's Spine Center, we offer chiropractic massage therapy for patients looking for natural ways to heal. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions we receive.

woman receiving a massage from her queens chiropractor

What Is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy uses hands-on techniques to manipulate soft tissue and increase circulation.

Is Massage Therapy A New Healing Modality?

Massage therapy is an ancient healing method used by practitioners all over the world who understood the healing properties of massage and passed down the methods through history.

How Does Massage Therapy Benefit My Health?

There are a number of ways massage therapy benefits your overall health. Reducing inflammation, improving circulation and increasing your range of motion are all ways massage therapy will benefit your health. In addition, you will feel natural pain relief and have less muscle cramping or spasms.

Why Is Chiropractic Massage Therapy Important?

When you receive chiropractic massage therapy, your body will be relaxed and ready for chiropractic adjustments. This allows the adjustments to last longer and be more useful overall.

Are There Various Massage Techniques Used?

A variety of massage techniques are used in order for you to receive the maximum health benefits. Deep tissue massage helps with chronic pain, while Swedish massage is more of a surface tissue massage that helps reduce tension.

Is It Safe To Get Massage Therapy While Pregnant?

It is both safe and recommended for pregnant women to receive massage therapy to ease the stress caused on the body by pregnancy. Massage enhances overall wellness and keeps you in great shape throughout the pregnancy. Massage therapy while pregnant is gentle, therapeutic and gives your body the tools you need to heal naturally.

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