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Treating Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Treatment in Queens

Back pain

People suffering from lower back pain become less productive at work and at school and the discomfort can keep them from enjoying the normal things in life that they do with family and friends. This is why getting lower back pain treatment in Queens will be a top priority.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Some people experience lower back pain because of anxiety and tension that tightens their back muscles. Injuries can also cause this type of pain, such as being involved in a vehicular accident. 

Overdoing it while exercising can lead to lower back pain. Lifting large objects without proper training is a major source of lower back discomfort among patients coming to Dr. Lee's Spine Center.

Ways to Prevent Lower Back Pain

Once you’ve experienced lower back pain, you’ll undoubtedly want to know what you can do in the future to prevent it from occurring again. Methods include:

  • Learn to lift heavy objects properly (with your knees, not your back).
  • Exercise on a regular basis, even if only going for walks in the beginning.
  • Stand up straight! Always practice good posture.

Back Pain Relief Treatments Offered by Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee knows how uncomfortable it can be to have lower back pain and how it can inconvenience patients in need of relief. You will begin your back pain relief encounter by going over your medical history and discussing your level of activity with the chiropractor. Then, an examination is in order.

After Dr. Lee has diagnosed your lower back pain, it’s time to devise a personalized treatment plan just for you. Your chiropractor has a number of options, such as to perform manual manipulation of your spinal structure. 

Acupuncture can also help with relieving pain and helping your body to heal. Massage therapy helps many patients, and Dr. Lee may advise this form of treatment for your case of lower back pain.

Set an Appointment with Your Preferred Chiropractor in Queens New York

If you have any questions about our approach to lower back pain or would like to set an appointment with your preferred chiropractor in Queens New York, please call Dr. Lee's Spine Center today at (347) 960-7774.