Massage Therapy FAQ

Our Chiropractor Answers Questions About Massage Therapy in Queens

When you think about massage, do images of a relaxing but frivolous luxury come to mind? Many people don't realize the true power of massage therapy as a means of treating injury, relieving chronic symptoms and boosting overall health. Here at Dr. Lee's Spine Center, we employ massage therapy in Queens as a complement to our other natural therapeutic methods. Here are some frequently asked questions about therapeutic massage in Queens as answered by our chiropractor, Dr. James Lee.

  • woman receiving massage Does Swedish massage have therapeutic properties? The Swedish massage you might encounter at a health spa is certainly one kind of therapeutic massage we offer. The short, gentle strokes loosen muscles and stimulate circulation near the surface of the skin, making it a great solution for easing stress-related aches and pains such as headaches, neck pain and backaches. The boost in circulation also helps injured tissues take in higher levels of oxygen and other substances valuable for the healing process. 

  • Why might I need deeper forms of massage? Some medical conditions call for different forms of massage than the popular Swedish massage. If your injury or chronic pain originates in deeply-set muscles, tendons or myofascial tissue, for instance, you may require the stiffer, more insistent strokes provided by deep tissue massage.

  • Who can benefit from sports massage? While it's obviously tailored toward athletes, sports massage can help anyone who regularly or periodically engages in strenuous physical activity. A sports massage program may combine multiple massage techniques to relax muscles before or after an event, or to help speed the healing of specific sports injuries. It typically focuses on the parts of the body most taxed by the sport or activity in question.

  • Is acupressure a form of massage? Acupuncture bears some resemblance to acupuncture in the way it focuses on specific treatment points, but it uses finger pressure instead of needles to achieve its results. So you could consider it a form of massage.

  • What is reflexology? Reflexology is a specialized therapy that involves applying pressure to specific parts of the foot, head and/or ears. It is so named because reflex points in these areas can govern the health of other parts of the body. We can therefore use reflexology to treat a surprisingly wide range of complaints.

  • What role can massage play in keeping me well? Massage is an excellent preventative wellness tool because of its ability to enhance both blood and lymphatic circulation. These effects, along with massage's ability to relieve stress, can help keep your immune response strong.

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