Back Pain FAQ

Our Chiropractic Center Answers Your
Back Pain Questions

When you're debilitated by back pain, you may feel confusion over your condition alongside the pain it causes. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about back pain from our chiropractic clinic.

  • Why does back pain occur? Back pain can have a number of causes, but the primary reasons people suffer from this problem include age, injuries, degenerative spinal conditions, spinal alignment abnormalities and posture problems.

  • How do acute injuries affect the back? An auto accident, sports injury or accident in the workplace can jolt your vertebrae out of their normal alignment. The resulting impairment of spinal joint function causes stiffness, inflammation and pain. Injuries can also strain the major muscle groups that support the back.

  • How do degenerative spinal conditions cause back pain? Degenerative spinal conditions can affect both your vertebral joints and neighboring nerve tissue. Age-related issues such as spinal stenosis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and bulging discs can all produce chronic back pain. Sometimes one degenerative condition leads to another; for instance, bulging discs that have flattened out may strain the vertebral joints, causing inflammation that eventually turns into osteoarthritis.

  • What roles do spinal alignment and posture play in back pain? An abnormal spinal alignment can affect the body's weight distribution to create unnatural, painful stresses and strains. Spinal misalignment may occur on its own, as in scoliosis, or it may related to chronic poor posture. Postural shifts due to muscle weakness, pregnancy or unhealthy workplace ergonomics can produce muscular strain and pinched nerves. Excessive weight can also affect posture while forcing the spine to bear up under a heavier load.

  • My back pain is accompanied by leg pain. What does this mean? In many cases, a combination of low back pain and leg pain may indicate sciatica. Sciatica occurs when a bulging disc or other abnormal spinal condition (which may cause back pain in its own right) puts pressure on the sciatic nerve, producing a variety of unpleasant symptoms in the lower back, buttock, leg and foot.

  • Does chronic back pain require surgery? Many cases of back pain don't require surgery, and sufferers are well advised to try conservative care first. Our Queens NY chiropractor can treat back pain entirely through safe natural methods.

  • How does chiropractic care treat back pain? Chiropractic care can correct alignment problems that cause or aggravate back pain. By restoring vertebral joints and discs to their proper positions, chiropractic adjustments relieve muscular strain, nerve impingement and joint inflammation.

  • What other methods do you use on back pain? Our Queens NY chiropractor can administer multiple healing methods such as ice therapy, corrective exercises, nutritional counseling and neuromuscular re-education to help you overcome back pain.

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