Muscle Spasms

Why You Need Our Chiropractor for
Muscle Spasms in Queens, NY

Muscle spasms can be a painful, annoying limitation to your daily life. If you muscle experience pain and twitching, that muscle may be attempting to protect itself against an injury or an underlying musculoskeletal problem. But you don't have to drug yourself with muscle relaxants to experience relief from the pain and tightness of this complaint. Instead of masking your symptoms, you need to treat the underlying cause -- and for that, you need a chiropractor for spasms. Here at Dr. Lee's Spine Center, our Queens chiropractor can help you overcome your muscle spasms the natural way.

The body takes steps to protect itself from harm, and as odd it may sound, muscle spasms are one such step. When a muscle or some connected structure suffers from strain or inflammation, the muscle responds by tightening up. This often occurs after extreme or extended physical exertion that damages the tissues without giving them any chance to relax and rebuild themselves; the muscles stiffen up to make you cease that activity so healing can take place. In the case of chronic muscle spasms, a repetitive motion injury or spinal misalignment may place the muscles in a continuous state of unhealthy stress, resulting in the tightness and strain of spams. If nerve impingement or inflammation is involved, you may experience annoying twitches or tics in these muscles. Chronic health problems such as fibromyalgia can also create knots of tense muscle tissue that can go into spasm.

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While many doctors reflexively prescribe muscle relaxants to relieve muscle spams, this approach only mutes the symptoms temporarily without doing anything to address the reason your muscles went into spams in the first place. For that kind of long-term solution, turn to our Queens chiropractor, Dr. Lee. A comprehensive evaluation can reveal the underlying triggers or causes of your muscle spasms so we can administer the appropriate combination of natural Queens muscle spasm treatment methods. For instance, if you have acute inflammation from a soft tissue injury due to a workplace, automotive or sports accident, we can prescribe various forms of physiotherapy to relieve pain and inflammation. Massage therapy also speeds healing to the injury by increasing blood flow to it; this technique is also extremely helpful for undoing the muscle knots associated with chronic pain problems.

If your muscle spasms are triggered by a musculoskeletal misalignment, chiropractic adjustment can help. Our Queens chiropractor can realign your spine to take stress off of the muscles and nerves, bringing an end of your symptoms without drugs. Periodic chiropractic checkups and a program of corrective exercises can then help you avoid future muscle spasms by minimizing future alignment issues.

If you need a chiropractor for muscle spasms, you need Dr. Lee's Spine Center. Call (347) 960-7774 today to schedule a consultation and evaluation from our Queens chiropractor. We can help your muscles feel and function better!