Sports Injury FAQ

Chiropractor in Queens Answers
Top 5 Sports injury FAQs

If you have recently been injured in a sports accident or are continuing to suffer from chronic pain long after the injury has occurred, it's natural to feel frustrated. You may wonder if other treatments such as chiropractic care can truly make a difference. Our sports injury chiropractor in Queens Dr. James Lee understands your frustrations and is here to help. Below, Dr. Lee answers five of our patients’ most frequently asked questions regarding sports injuries and chiropractic care.

1. Why am I still experiencing pain after an old sports injury?

When your body is injured with a sprain, strain or tear, scar tissue can form. Scar tissue is a thick band of tissue that forms over the muscles and ligaments. This tissue can restrict mobility and make movement more difficult. Without effective treatment, scar tissue can cause mobility restrictions that last for months or even years after your injury, intensifying pain. Our sports injury chiropractor in Queens understands the best ways to break up scar tissue adhesions. Doing so will restore mobility to the body so you can return to living an active life.

2. What are the most common sports injuries?

When we think about sports injuries, we often think about traumatic injuries like a broken bone. However, sprains, strains and repetitive motion injuries are far more common. Our Queens chiropractor has substantial experience treating patients for injuries such as sprained ankles, rotator cuff injuries, and tennis/golf elbow. Our goal with treatment is to not only minimize our patients' pain, but to also restore a fuller range of mobility to the body after injury.

3. What should I do if I have a sports injury?

Our sports injury chiropractor recommends taking steps at home to alleviate pain and swelling. Immediately after a sports injury, follow the RICE treatment plan: rest, ice, compression and elevation. The goal of this first aid technique is to prevent additional injuries and to reduce swelling and inflammation at the site of injury. While the RICE method is beneficial for immediate first aid, keep in mind that this is not a permanent treatment solution. You will still benefit from seeing a qualified sports injury chiropractor who can provide an enhanced level of pain relief and injury rehabilitation.

4. How does chiropractic care treat pain?

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Chiropractic care is an effective treatment option because it targets the underlying musculoskeletal misalignment that may be responsible for your pain or discomfort. When the spine is out of alignment, a herniated or slipped disc can compress nerves, causing painful nerve interference. Additionally, this misalignment can also lead to improper motions while exercising, like an incorrect tennis swing or golf club swing. The end result is muscle irritation and a repetitive motion injury. By identifying the root trigger for pain and mobility restriction, our Queens chiropractor corrects these basic problems for long lasting pain relief.

5. What types of sports injuries does Dr. Lee treat?

Our sports injury chiropractor in Queens, Dr. James Lee, is experienced treating a wide variety of sports injuries including sprains and strains and repetitive motion injuries like rotator cuff injuries and tennis/golf elbow. You do not have to be a professional athlete to benefit from chiropractic care for a sports injury. Contact our sports injury chiropractor today to schedule your personal treatment consultation.