Chiropractic Rehabilitation Center in Queens, NY

Injuries can easily knock you down, but our chiropractic rehabilitation at Dr. Lee’s Spine Center can just as easily help bring you back up and restore you to optimum health. Our Queens chiropractor Dr. James Lee has extensive experience treating a variety of injuries, from car accident and sports injuries to those that occur at home or on the job. Our treatment plans consist of all-natural, non-invasive techniques to help eliminate pain, correct the damage and root cause of the pain, and advance the healing process.

Sports Rehab Queens • Treatment Plans and Joint Pain Management

Due to the uniqueness of each of our patient’s injuries, we offer rehab treatment plans that are individualized to address your specific needs. Each plan is tailored to the individual and can contain a variety of methods to meet the treatment’s goals. All of our corrective care begins with a thorough examination to determine the exact location, nature and severity of your injury. We then create a treatment plan that will effectively address the issues and get you back on your feet as rapidly as possible.

Our first aim is to eliminate pain and other uncomfortable symptoms while helping to correct the underlying cause of the pain. Sports injuries, for instance, can often involve a painful muscle sprain or strain, which we can address with massage therapy to alleviate pain, tension and stiffness. A car accident injury such as whiplash can involve soft tissue as well as spinal issues. We can treat the soft tissue issues with massage therapy and employ spinal manipulation and decompression to treat spinal misalignments or herniated discs.

The next goal of our corrective care is to restore your body to its optimum state. Physical rehabilitation plays a large role in the restoration process. Massage therapy is important during the restorative process due to its myriad benefits that include improving circulation, easing muscles and speeding up the healing process. Our physical rehabilitation also typically includes a series of gentle exercises designed to strengthen the affected area while improving mobility, flexibility and full range of motion. The exercises serve to strengthen the area to help prevent future injuries from recurring.

Maintaining health becomes the ongoing aim once our chiropractic rehabilitation plan is complete. We can help you do this with regular evaluations to help ensure your injury has properly healed and your body remains properly aligned. Corrective care helps our patients to heal, but regular chiropractic adjustments serve as a preventative measure to keep our patients’ spines healthy.

Massage therapy, spinal decompression and spinal adjustments are always available to help soothe any recurring aches and pains as well correct additional conditions that may arise. Our Queens chiropractor is here to help you achieve and maintain optimum health in an all-natural way.