Shoulder Pain FAQs

Dr. Lee’s Spine Center Answers Your Shoulder Pain FAQs

Shoulder pain is a common issue that can occur at any age. Sudden sprains or repetitive activities can lead to discomfort, poor range of motion and nerve impingement. These problems can negatively affect your performance at work and at play. At Dr. Lee’s Spine Center in Queens, NY, we use chiropractic methods for common shoulder pain, to help relieve pain and improve shoulder and arm movement.

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What Are Common Causes of Shoulder Pain?

Inflammation of the bursa, a fluid-filled sac that helps to cushion movement in the shoulder, is a common cause of shoulder discomfort. Tendonitis, inflammation of the connecting tendons that help move the shoulder, can occur from strenuous lifting or working on overhead tasks. Sports activities can also cause these problems. Problems within the spinal structures can also radiate into the shoulder.

What Are the Common Symptoms Associated with Shoulder Problems?

Some individuals experience nagging pain that is located deep within the shoulder joint. Others may experience pain only on movement, with strain of the muscles and tendons. You may experience difficulty raising your arm above your head or experience poor range of front to back motion of the arm.

What Chiropractic Methods Are Used to Treat Shoulder Pain?

Manual adjustment may be needed to re-align spinal structures to relieve pressure on nerves and provide better movement in the upper body. If spinal discs are herniated or bulging, your chiropractor may recommend spinal decompression, which gently separates the vertebrae to allow the discs to return to their natural position. Massage may be used to improve soft tissue healing and range of motion. If chronic pain is a problem, acupuncture may be used to release natural pain-relieving chemicals to improve comfort levels.

How Can I Prevent Shoulder Injury and Pain?

Your chiropractor in Queens can advise on ways to set up your work area to prevent further injury to your shoulder. In addition, individuals should keep shoulders in good condition with regular exercise, proper sleep position and spinal support, as well as prompt management when flare-ups occur.

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